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Our sectors of activity and our service offerings in automation


oil and gas



Research center

For us, automation is not limited to a simple technology, it is a complete approach which transcends industrial sectors and which paves the way for operational excellence. Our automation services are carefully tailored to the specific needs of each application area, creating tailor-made solutions that optimize processes, increase productivity and foster innovation.

Our industries and the impact of automation


The footprint of automation extends deep into a diversity of industries, radically transforming the way operations are conducted and industries operate. Our team of automation experts is perfectly suited to meet the challenges of these dynamic sectors that are highly dependent on this technology. Here is an in-depth analysis of a few of these areas and the specific impact of automation:



In manufacturing, automation has revolutionized production processes. Intelligent robots and automated control systems coordinate manufacturing, ensuring increased efficiency and consistent quality. Automation also helps reduce human error and security risks while improving flexibility to meet ever-changing market demands.


oil and gas

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on automation to monitor and manage complex installations. Distributed control systems automate drilling, production and refining operations. This improves worker safety by reducing exposure to hazards and enabling remote monitoring of hazardous operations.



In the aerospace industry, automation is essential for the precise manufacturing of components, the assembly of aircraft and the maintenance of fleets. Automated testing and verification systems guarantee the quality and reliability of aircraft. Additionally, automation is revolutionizing air traffic control by enabling more accurate and efficient route management.



Automation has transformed the automotive industry with the emergence of autonomous vehicles and automated production lines. Self-driving cars promise to reduce road accidents by eliminating human error. In automotive production, robots and automated control systems assemble vehicles quickly and precisely, contributing to faster production and higher quality.


Research and development (R&D)

Automation plays a crucial role in research and development processes. Automated simulations, machine learning algorithms and laboratory robots accelerate scientific discovery and the development of new technologies. Automation makes it possible to process massive volumes of data and perform complex experiments more quickly and efficiently.


The expertise of our automation specialists encompasses all of these areas and more. By understanding the specific nuances of each industry, we can better tailor our skills to meet your unique needs. Automation doesn't just improve processes; it is revolutionizing the way we approach industrial challenges, shaping a future where efficiency, safety and innovation are within reach.


Our fields of application in industrial automation


Automation plays a vital role in the modern industrial landscape, improving efficiency, productivity and quality of operations. Whatever stage you are in, whether it is a new project, commissioning, optimization, retrofit, after-sales service or even a revamping, our expertise in automation is at your disposal to meet your specific needs.


New project

If you are planning to create a new automated installation, we are ready to collaborate from the design phase. Our team of specialists can develop tailor-made solutions according to your requirements, taking into account the latest technological advances and industry best practices.



The transition to seamless automation requires precise and meticulous commissioning. Our experts support you in this crucial phase by ensuring the optimal configuration of your automated system. This ensures a smooth transition to automated operations, minimizing disruption and maximizing performance.



Even if you already have an automated system in place, there are often opportunities for improvement. Our team can assess your existing infrastructure, identify weak points and propose optimization solutions. This can encompass improving energy efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing productivity overall.



If your aging automated system is hampering your performance, retrofitting may be the answer. We can modernize and upgrade your equipment to bring it up to current standards, extending the life of your investment while improving its functionality.


After sales service

Once your system is up and running, our commitment to you doesn't end there. Our technical support team is available to troubleshoot any issues, provide regular maintenance, and ensure your automated operations continue to run smoothly.



When major changes are needed to meet new industry or regulatory requirements, we are up to the challenge. Our revamping expertise allows you to transform and adapt your existing automated system to meet the latest standards, while minimizing disruption.

Are you in the market for upgrading your current automation system or are you planning to start a new automation project? We are here for youprovide advice and supportexperts at every step.

Our team of experienced professionalscan assist with a variety of services, including the proper design and installation of your automation system, as well as the programming and commissioning necessary to ensure a smooth transition into operation.

Whether you are looking to update your existing system or start a new automated project, our commissioning and project management expertise will ensure your system is performing at optimum levels. Let us help you achieve your automation goals today.

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