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Our Versatile Expertise: A Range of Skills to Achieve Innovation


Skillfully navigating through the various fields of automation, IT, industrial electricity, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and heat, we have built up a holistic range of skills that allows us to design and materialize complex automated systems in complete autonomy.


Our Expertise in Automation


Immersed in the heart of industrial automation, we are recognized for our versatile expertise which covers a full range of essential skills. This mastery allows us to design, develop and implement complex automated solutions, precisely meeting the varied requirements of our customers.


PLC Programming

We excel in programming a multitude of programmable logic controllers, including flagship models such as the Allen Bradley Compact, Control, Guard, Siemens S7 S200, S300, S400, Omron CQM1, CJ1M, Schneider Premium PLCs, as well as the Hima system. Our ability to write efficient programs ensures that automated processes run smoothly.


Frequency inverters

The programming and commissioning of frequency converters are also skills that we master. We are comfortable with brands such as Allen Bradley, Sew and Schneider, ensuring the optimal regulation of speeds and movements in industrial processes.


Advanced Robotics

We have developed expertise in industrial robotics, with a specialization in Stäubli systems. Thanks to this competence, we are able to design and implement complex robotic applications to optimize the production and handling of materials.


Intuitive Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

We master the integration of human-machine interfaces to provide intuitive interaction between operators and automated systems. HMI skills extend to the Allen Bradley, Schneider, Pro-face, Siemens and Omron brands, ensuring user-friendly and functional interfaces.


Precise Axis Management

Mastery of axis cards is at the heart of our skills, including the brands Allen Bradley, Sew and Infranor. This ensures precise regulation of movements, guaranteeing optimum performance in automated systems.


Precision Regulation

Regulation is the backbone of consistent performance. Our expertise extends to the implementation of PID controllers (Proportional, Integral, Derivative), ensuring precise and responsive regulation in various industrial contexts.In addition, we have a solid expertise in regulation, particularly with regard to PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) regulation systems, thus guaranteeing stable and consistent processes.


Versatile Adaptation

Our skills in electrical construction, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and thermics complete our automation profile. This versatility allows us to successfully meet the complex challenges of industrial automation, covering all the aspects necessary for robust and high-performance systems.


This diverse and complementary skill set represents our firm commitment to excel in every aspect of automation, with a holistic view to design, integrate and optimize sophisticated automated systems, ensuring innovative and tailor-made solutions to every industrial challenge.


Our Expertise in Instrumentation and ICSS Control


At the heart of our commitment to efficiency and safety in industries, our expertise in instrumentation and control ICSS (Integrated Control and Safety Systems) is the pillar on which rests our ability to design, implement and maintain process management systems. industry of the highest quality. This versatile expertise allows us to navigate with ease through the most advanced technologies while meeting the specific needs of each client in a precise and efficient manner.


Integrated Technical Support

Our team is trained to offer comprehensive integrated technical support, which means we are able to resolve a diverse range of questions relating to Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) as well as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Thanks to our in-depth understanding of these complex systems, we can quickly identify problems and implement appropriate solutions.


Expert Technical Reports

The development of expert technical reports is at the heart of our commitment to quality and transparency. Our reports provide insightful analysis and strategic recommendations for instrumentation managers, ICSS managers, as well as site maintenance managers and other relevant departments. These reports are designed to provide valuable information that guides decisions and improves system performance.


Supervision of Projects and Modifications

We are in charge of supervising minor modifications and improvement projects related to ICSS and PLC systems. Our priority is to ensure that changes are made safely, on time and to site specifications. This rigorous oversight ensures that changes are properly integrated and that systems operate smoothly.


Relevant and Appropriate Maintenance

Planning and executing relevant and appropriate maintenance interventions is at the heart of our mission to maintain the reliability and durability of systems. We ensure that ICSS and PLC systems operate optimally by providing maintenance interventions that meet the specific needs of each system.


Coordination et Communication

Seamless coordination and smooth communication with other departments and teams is essential for the success of any project. We ensure that activities are coordinated smoothly and that progress is regularly communicated, thus guaranteeing effective collaboration between all the actors involved.


Compliance and Integration

We ensure that all plans and manuals are always up to date and in compliance with industry and regulatory standards. Our active participation in site modification projects ensures the consistent and regulatory integration of all adaptations.


Our expertise in ICSS instrumentation and control combines advanced technical skills, a deep understanding of industry requirements and a commitment to innovation. We are determined to offer solutions that optimize the performance, safety and sustainability of industrial processes.


Why are our automation engineers experts?


Our automation engineers have solid electrical know-how and are able to manage projects expertly. Our automation engineers also have solid logic and are able to create and troubleshoot complex electrical systems. Accountability is also a key element of our success in this area.​


As automation continues to drive industrial processes, the role of the automation engineer is becoming increasingly important. Our skilled professionals are responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of complex systems that automate production lines and manufacturing processes.​


First, our automation engineers are immersed in the technologies that power automation. In particular, they understand how to program and operate programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which serve as the brains of most automated systems. They are also familiar with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, which provide real-time monitoring and control of automated processes.​


Another key skill for our automation engineers is the ability to design and implement motion control systems. This requires a thorough understanding of concepts such as axis maps and regulation, as well as a mastery of HMI (human-machine interface) software.​


In addition to technical skills, our automation engineers also have strong project management skills. They are able to oversee all aspects of a project, from initial design through installation and testing. This may involve working with external partners such as contractors or subcontractors, which requires excellent communication skills and the ability to manage complex relationships.


With the right skills, our automation engineers can help drive innovation, improve efficiency and unlock new capabilities in industrial processes.

Our automation skills experts are ready to work hard and develop their knowledge and skills continuously. Automation best practices involve gaining hands-on experience working with electrical systems. Also, collaborating with other professionals and contributing to joint projects can help develop the skills needed to excel in this field.

Ultimately, the key for our automation experts is to continue to learn and apply these skills in a work environment. Our automation engineers are professionals capable of managing, creating and troubleshooting complex electrical systems, who also possess strong logic and responsibility.


As a leading provider of automation solutions, we understand the importance of reliable, efficient and accurate automated systems. Our team of qualified technicians have considerable experience in all aspects of automation, including supervision, axis card, regulation and HMI development.

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