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"Free yourself from your technical constraints thanks to an independent automation expert!"

Our expertise in the field of automationation allows us to provide innovative solutions tailored to your needs, giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Project management




Welcome to automation service


With years of experience and a passion for automation, we offer reliable, cost-effective services that ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Take the first step towards independence and contact us today!


Through a combination of in-depth knowledge and an unwavering devotion to automation, we deliver state-of-the-art services that free our customers from technical constraints. Our goal is to allow you to fully concentrate on the growth and development of your business, by entrusting us with the complex aspects of automation.


Our automation services are made up of a range of automation services, ranging from simple repetitive tasks to complex system integrations.


No matter how complex your automation needs, our team of experts is up to the challenge. From design to implementation, from commissioning to ongoing maintenance, we cover the entire spectrum of robotics and automation services. Whether you are looking to automate repetitive tasks to improve the efficiency of your operations or to integrate complex systems to optimize productivity, our team is here to support you every step of the way.


We support our customers from the study phase to construction, commissioning and maintenance.


Our partnership does not end with the initial commissioning. We are present at every stage of the automation process. From the preliminary study phase where we analyze your specific needs and design tailor-made solutions, to the realization where we implement the systems according to the highest standards, including commissioning to guarantee smooth operation, up to ongoing maintenance to ensure the durability and reliability of your installations.


We work with a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to energy, to provide custom solutions for each client's specific needs.


Our automation expertise spans across a multitude of industries. From manufacturing to energy, logistics to healthcare, we have worked with various industries to meet their unique needs. Whatever your operational challenges, we're here to craft industry-specific solutions that help you gain a competitive advantage through automation.


Our commitment to excellence, our proven expertise and our desire to free our customers from technical constraints make our automation services the key to a more efficient and prosperous future. Contact us today and take the first step towards powerful automation that propels your business to new heights.


On-site interventions


Our service portfolio encompasses a full range of on-site interventions, designed to meet the varied needs of our customers, whether short or long term, worldwide. Whether you need emergency assistance to solve critical problems or you plan regular maintenance tasks to ensure the continued reliability of your systems, our team of experts is ready to intervene with efficiency and professionalism.


Short and Long Term Missions

We understand that every situation is unique. That's why we offer flexible assignments, tailored to your specific needs. Whether for short-term one-off interventions or for extended missions, our team is committed to providing precise solutions that meet your expectations.


Emergency Response

Unexpected outages can cripple your operations. Our team is available for emergency response, ready to respond quickly to diagnose and resolve critical issues. Our experience and responsiveness ensure that your systems are put back into service quickly.


Scheduled Maintenance and Commissioning Tasks

Preventive maintenance is essential to avoid costly downtime. We offer scheduled maintenance services, tailored to your schedules and operational needs. Similarly, for new systems, our team ensures a smooth and efficient commissioning, ensuring optimal operation from the start.




Our engineering expertise goes beyond simple commissioning. We offer comprehensive engineering services, whether designing innovative new solutions, modernizing existing facilities or performing rigorous inspections and acceptance tests.


Engineering of New Solutions

If you plan to introduce new automated solutions into your business, our team of engineers will support you from initial design to final implementation. We ensure that your new solutions are tailored to your needs and optimized for maximum performance.


Renovations and Refurbishments

For existing installations, we offer renovation and retrofitting solutions. Our team of engineers assesses your current systems, identifies areas for improvement and offers innovative solutions to modernize your operations without disrupting production.


Control and Acceptance Tests

Prior to commissioning, our engineers perform rigorous checks and acceptance tests to ensure that each component of the system is performing to standards and specifications. This approach ensures that your automated systems are reliable and ready to meet operational challenges.


Remote Support


We understand that support needs are not always limited to on-site interventions. That's why we also offer full remote technical support to quickly answer your questions and resolve issues, whether by phone, email or through secure VPN connections.


Remote Technical Support

Our technical team is available by phone and email to provide quick answers to your questions and guide you through troubleshooting. Thanks to our remote assistance, you can benefit from solutions without waiting for an intervention on site.


Secure VPN Connections

For more complex issues, we offer secure VPN connections that allow our experts to access your systems remotely. This allows us to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruption.


Our services encompass a full range of onsite, engineering and remote support to meet your specific needs. Whether it is to solve urgent problems, modernize your installations or benefit from remote technical support.


Automation Service: Expertise at the Service of Your Automation Projects


An automation service is much more than a simple technical service. It is a collaboration with ourengineers who use their know-how to optimize your systems, improve your operational efficiency and propel your business to new heights of performance.


Opting for an automation freelancer means choosing independent expertise that can make a significant difference in the realization of your automation projects. Our automation services offer a series of advantages that can transform the way you approach automation within your company:


Expertise Technique

Nos independent automation engineers possess exceptional mastery of automation technologies and practices. Their expertise allows them to design, implement and maintain automated solutions with precision and efficiency.


Concentration Totale

Hiring an independent automation engineer means benefiting from total attention on your project. These professionals are fully invested in your success, without the distractions of traditional job duties.


Temporal Flexibility

Nos automaticiens freelancers offer valuable time flexibility. They are able to adapt to your schedules and the specific needs of your project, whether it be one-off assignments or longer-term collaborations.


Tailor-made solutions

Every business has unique needs. Our automation services are tailor-made to meet your operational specificities. Whether modernizing existing systems, developing new solutions or solving complex problems, our experts tailor their services to your requirements.



Working with a freelance automation engineer can be a cost-effective option. You only pay for the services you need, reducing the costs associated with full-time employment.



In the event of emergencies or unforeseen needs, our automation freelancers are renowned for their responsiveness. Their ability to intervene quickly to resolve issues can minimize interruptions and disruptions.


Commitment to Success

Professional independence allows them to focus fully on achieving your goals. Their satisfaction stems from your success, which makes them partners committed to the performance of your business.


Project management

Our services encompass the entire process, from planning to commissioning. Our project management experts guide you through every step, ensuring deadlines are met, costs controlled and goals achieved.


Operations Optimization

Automation is about optimizing your operations. Our automation experts work closely with you to identify improvement opportunities and implement solutions that increase efficiency, reduce errors and maximize returns.


Maintenance and Support

Our automation services do not stop at initial commissioning. We offer ongoing maintenance and technical support services to ensure the durability and reliability of your automated systems, minimizing downtime.


Training and Skills Transfer

We believe in empowering our clients. Our services include the training of your teams so that they can support the automated systems in the long term, as well as the transfer of skills to guarantee efficient use.


By choosing our automation services, you are investing in cutting-edge expertise that accelerates your journey to successful automation. Our experts are ready to work with you to design, implement and support automated solutions that meet your specific needs and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of your business.


Our dedicated professionals are ready to apply their know-how to optimize your processes, improve your efficiency and contribute to the success of your business.


Why Use Our Services?

When you use our team of automation engineers, you get a set of benefits that help improve your workflow, increase efficiency, and reduce error rates within your business.



Our freelance automation engineers are flexible in their availability, which means they can adapt to your schedules and projects. You can count on their commitment to providing effective solutions tailored to your specific needs, when you need them most.



Working with a freelance automation engineer can be a more cost-effective option than hiring a full-time automation expert. You only pay for the services you need, reducing operational costs. This approach gives you the freedom to manage your budget more effectively.



Our independent automation engineers focus exclusively on automation technologies. Their in-depth expertise in this specific field allows them to provide advanced and personalized solutions. You benefit from a highly specialized approach that precisely meets your needs.


When you need external skills for a project, a mission or even to compensate for a temporary replacement, our automation experts are at your disposal to offer you a complete and specialized service.


Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Automation Services.


If you're looking to empower your operations with tailored automation solutions, look no further. Our team is ready to work with you to meet your specific needs, providing you with the expertise of independent engineers passionate about automation.


Contact us today to learn more about how our services can transform your business by optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and providing advanced solutions.

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