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Our automation services

With us, automation is not limited to the simple automation of processes; it's a smart, tailored and personalized approach to improving your business's operational efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Our team of automation experts is dedicated to transforming your challenges into opportunities, by implementing cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods. Find out how our automation services can propel your business to new heights of success.

Our Subcontracting Missions: Optimization of Your Operations


We offer a full range of outsourcing services designed to enhance your operational excellence and streamline your automation processes. Our expertise spans a multitude of areas, ensuring the highest level of support for your automation projects. Here are some of the main outsourcing services we offer:


Expertise and Advice

We provide unparalleled expertise and consulting services aimed at optimizing the performance of your production operations. Our seasoned professionals analyze your processes and provide tailored recommendations to improve them.


Study and Design

From initial design to detailed design, we offer study and design servicesmeticulous that lay the foundation for successful automation projects. Our experts work closely with you to define needs, develop strategies and create effective automation solutions.


PLC programming (PLC)

Our team specializes in programming a wide range of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), ensuring seamless integration of automation systems into your operations.


HMI and SCADA programming

Weexcellons in creating intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that offer real-time information and control over your processes.


Documentation Creation

We provide comprehensive documentation for every phase of your automation project, from conceptualization to implementation. Clear documentation guarantees easy maintenance and future developments.



Our experts oversee the commissioning process, ensuring systems are seamlessly integrated and meet performance expectations. We build comprehensive test plans and provide training to end users for a smooth transition.


Qualified Professionals on Demand

We provide experienced and knowledgeable automation professionals to meet your project needs, giving you the expertise you need, when you need it.


Structured Programming and Standardization

We use standardized and structured programming practices to ensure automation solutions are consistent, efficient and easy to maintain.


Improved Operational Availability

Our services aim to improve the operational availability of your equipment, reduce downtime and increase overall productivity.


Whether you need advice, programming, commissioning or skilled professionals, our outsourcing services cover all aspects of the automation spectrum. We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that enable your business to thrive in an increasingly automated world.


How to Obtain an Automation Benefit? Various Approaches at Your Service


Obtaining an automation service can be achieved through different approaches, each adapted to the specific needs of your project. We offer flexible solutions to meet your expertise and technical assistance needs, while maximizing your operational efficiency. Here are some options available to obtain an automation service:

Technical assistance in management

Technical assistance in management consists of integrating a consultant or a freelancer within your team. This service is invoiced according to the time actually worked. It allows your team to strengthen its skills by calling on external experts. Technical assistance is therefore a way to benefit from external expertise while maintaining the flexibility of your team.


Our teleworkers are quickly operational thanks to continuous training that prepares them to meet project requirements. Teleworkers bring great flexibility to your operations, being particularly invested in the success of their missions. Hiring several teleworkers for large-scale projects thus becomes easier than recruiting full-time staff.


Industrial consulting firms play a crucial role in solving specific problems, both operationally and strategically. Through in-depth analytics, they provide recommendations that help businesses make informed decisions. These consultants are there to support your business by offering personalized services to meet your specific needs.


Subcontracting in the field of automation makes it possible to accelerate the development of new projects. Companies often choose to outsource due to time constraints or internal skills gaps. Outsourcing offers the ability to handle temporary spikes in activity without the constraints of hiring or long-term expansion. It thus promotes flexibility and agility while providing access to a wide range of skills.


Whether you choose technical assistance on site, telecommuting, consulting or outsourcing, our solutions are designed to provide you with the necessary skills, adapted to each stage of your automation project.



Why Request External Skills? Crucial Reasons


The use of external skills brings a range of essential benefits, responding to the specific challenges and opportunities of your company. Here is why calling on external skills can be a winning strategy:


Time Optimization

Sometimes, although the technical skills are present within your company, time constraints make it difficult to carry out a project effectively. Outsourcing allows you to optimize your schedule by entrusting certain tasks to experts, while maintaining focus on other priorities.


Team Building

Supplementing your internal team with external skills can be the ideal solution to meet temporary or specific needs. This approach increases your flexibility by adding skilled professionals when needed.


Specialized Expertise

If your internal team does not have all the technical skills required for a project, collaboration with external specialists is essential. You benefit from the in-depth expertise necessary to guarantee the success of the project.


Reactivity in case of Urgent Need

When a member of your team is missing or problems arise during the project, it is essential to find a competent replacement quickly. External skills provide the responsiveness needed to overcome these obstacles without compromising your goals.


Partial Outsourcing

Partial outsourcing of a service or project allows your company to benefit from the expertise of external players while keeping control over other internal aspects. This can be particularly beneficial when looking to maximize efficiency while maintaining some range.


The use of external skills is adapted to your reality and your specific needs. It can be a smart way to maximize your operational efficiency, solve complex problems and ensure the success of your projects.


The Benefits of Automation Outsourcing for Customers


Outsourcing automation activities offers a host of significant benefits for customers, contributing to efficiency, innovation and focus on the core of their business. Here are the key benefits of automation outsourcing:


Solutions Adapted to Economic Constraints

Automation outsourcing provides financial flexibility by aligning costs with current economic constraints. You only pay for the services you need, avoiding overspending and maximizing your resources.


Specialized Expertise

By outsourcing to automation specialists, you benefit from highly specialized expertise. These experts have the skills and in-depth knowledge to meet your specific project challenges, ensuring high quality results.


Increased Competitive Advantages

Outsourcing automation activities can give you a competitive edge by introducing new skills and technologies to your business. This approach allows you to adopt innovative practices and stay ahead of your industry.


Focus on the Core Business

By entrusting automation activities to external experts, you free up time and resources to focus on your core business. This increased focus can lead to greater growth, improved profitability, and greater overall efficiency.


Reduction of Internal Management

Managing automation activities can be complex and require significant internal resources. By outsourcing, you eliminate the management burden while ensuring optimal results with dedicated professionals.


Automation outsourcing is a strategic way to maximize your business benefits while optimizing your resources. By freeing up funds, skills and resources, you can better focus on the growth and success of your business.


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