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Automatic specialist Schneider in France

Our engineering team specializing in Schneider automation is here to help. We are recognized for our expertise in Unity Pro, PL7 Pro, Modicon, Vijeo and are proud to be a trusted service provider and subcontractor for many companies. Find out how our team can help you achieve excellence in industrial automation.

Our Schneider automation engineers

If you are looking for expert automation solutions, Schneider is one of the key companies that offers top quality products and services. To achieve optimal performance when implementing automation systems in your business, our Schneider automation engineers are the experts you need. They specialize in creating bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs.

One of the flagship products in their range is Unity Pro. This software is a flexible and complete platform for configuring, programming and maintaining Modicon M340, M580, Premium and Quantum programmable automation controllers. With Unity Pro, programming is easier and faster, while ensuring greater accuracy in application performance.

Another popular software from Schneider is PL7 Pro. This is expert programming software for Modicon Micro and Premium PLCs. The intuitive design and optimization features of the software allow our automation engineers to create innovative applications that improve the performance of your production line.

For those who need to visualize and access the control of an HMI (Human Machine Interface), Vijeo Designer is the perfect solution. It is a collection of software that allows designers to create touch panel interfaces that communicate with various PLCs and field networks. This software is accessible and user-friendly, making interactions between humans and machines smoother.

As a service provider or subcontractor, our Schneider automation engineers work with you, providing you with support for installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. They have the expertise and skills necessary to carry out all your projects, big or small. Plus, they provide complete solutions to ensure your automated systems are running in peak condition, with minimal downtime and fewer errors.


In conclusion, our Schneider automation engineers offer tailor-made automation solutions that meet your needs. Their services and experience make them your ideal partners in the field of automation.

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